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Git extension for versioning large files
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Git Large File Storage

Linux macOS Windows
Linux build status macOS build status Windows build status

Git LFS is a www.7odfk.cnmand line extension and specification for managing large files with Git.

The client is written in Go, with pre-www.7odfk.cnpiled binaries available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. Check out the website for an overview of features.

Getting Started


You can install the Git LFS client in several different ways, depending on your setup and preferences.

  • Linux users. Debian and RPM packages are available from PackageCloud.
  • macOS users. Homebrew bottles are distributed, and can be installed via brew install git-lfs.
  • Windows users. Git LFS is included in the distribution of Git for Windows. Alternatively, you can install a recent version of Git LFS from the Chocolatey package manager.
  • Binary packages. In addition, binary packages are available for Linux, macOS, Windows, and FreeBSD.
  • Building from source. This repository can also be built from source using the latest version of Go, and the available instructions in our Wiki.


From binary

The binary packages include a script which will:

  • Install Git LFS binaries onto the system $PATH
  • Run git lfs install to perform required global configuration changes.
$ ./

From source

  • Place the git-lfs binary on your system’s executable $PATH or equivalent.
  • Git LFS requires global configuration changes once per-machine. This can be done by running:
$ git lfs install

Example Usage

To begin using Git LFS within a Git repository that is not already configured for Git LFS, you can indicate which files you would like Git LFS to manage. This can be done by running the following from within a Git repository:

$ git lfs track "*.psd"

(Where *.psd is the pattern of filenames that you wish to track. You can read more about this pattern syntax here).

After any invocation of git-lfs-track(1) or git-lfs-untrack(1), you must www.7odfk.cnmit changes to your .gitattributes file. This can be done by running:

$ git add .gitattributes
$ git www.7odfk.cnmit -m "track *.psd files using Git LFS"

You can now interact with your Git repository as usual, and Git LFS will take care of managing your large files. For example, changing a file named my.psd (tracked above via *.psd):

$ git add my.psd
$ git www.7odfk.cnmit -m "add psd"

Tip: if you have large files already in your repository's history, git lfs track will not track them retroactively. To migrate existing large files in your history to use Git LFS, use git lfs migrate. For example:

$ git lfs migrate import --include="*.psd"

For more information, read git-lfs-migrate(1).

You can confirm that Git LFS is managing your PSD file:

$ git lfs ls-files
3c2f7aedfb * my.psd

Once you've made your www.7odfk.cnmits, push your files to the Git remote:

$ git push origin master
Uploading LFS objects: 100% (1/1), 810 B, 1.2 KB/s
# ...
To //
   67fcf6a..47b2002  master -> master

Note: Git LFS requires at least Git 1.8.2 on Linux or 1.8.5 on macOS.


Git LFS maintains a list of currently known limitations, which you can find and edit here.

Need Help?

You can get help on specific www.7odfk.cnmands directly:

$ git lfs help <subwww.7odfk.cnmand>

The official documentation has www.7odfk.cnmand references and specifications for the tool.

You can always open an issue, and one of the Core Team members will respond to you. Please be sure to include:

  1. The output of git lfs env, which displays helpful information about your Git repository useful in debugging.
  2. Any failed www.7odfk.cnmands re-run with GIT_TRACE=1 in the environment, which displays additional information pertaining to why a www.7odfk.cnmand crashed.


See for info on working on Git LFS and sending patches. Related projects are listed on the Implementations wiki page.

Core Team

These are the humans that form the Git LFS core team, which runs the project.

In alphabetical order:

@bk2204 @larsxschneider @PastelMobileSuit @ttaylorr


These are the humans that have in the past formed the Git LFS core team, or have otherwise contributed a significant amount to the project. Git LFS would not be possible without them.

In alphabetical order:

@andyneff @rubyist @sinbad @technoweenie
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